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This bird, mentioned in the legends of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Arabian cultures; symbolizes the immortality.  According to the legends, this bird lives in Arabia; near a cool spring.  Every morning, God of the Sun passes here and stops for a while to listen to the songs sung by this bird, while it is taking a bath in the cool spring.  This rare bird found as only one on the earth's surface has bright golden blonde and dark red feathers.  Its body is as bid as an eagle and it is known that its life is approximately 500 years.  But according to some hearsays; it is said that it is life is approximately 540,1000,1461,7006 or 12994 years.  After that; we suppose that its life is 500 years and we are going to improve our legend on this information.

When this beautiful bird that symbolizes the immortality feels that it is going to die after a short time, it makes a beautiful nest for itself with fragrant flowers and barks and it settles in it.  It sets on fire the nest with sunlight in the afternoon.  A new phoenix bird is born in 3 days from the ashes of Phoenix bird that dies by burning in the nest.  This new Phoenix bird takes delivery of the mission.

New Phoenix that comes into existence from the ashes of its ancestor shapes the ashes which are left behind by its ancestor like an egg and mummifies it as its first mission.  After that;  it flies to Heliopolis (the city where God of the Sun lives, The Sun City ) and gives these ashes to God of the Sun to be guarded.  (Heliopolis is used like a cemetery by Phoenix birds.)

Phoenix bird comes out as a symbol of worshipping God of the Sun "Ra" in ancient Egypt.  It symbolizes rerising of the sun that sets every evening; in the following day.  The style of this idea is the base of the idea of rebirth.  This idea is expressed with the symbol of Phoenix successfully.

This symbol was used by a lot of movements, associations and foundations throughout the centuries.  In archaic eras, this symbol was depicted on Rome coins to symbolize the immortality of Roman Empire.

By choosing this symbol as an emblem for Yöntem Real Estate Agent, we want to explain this: we are going to carry the eternal beauties of life to you with an endless energy.  Your likings will be the ashes of our existence.  We will serve to you honestly forever with the power that is come into existence by this pleasure.

Yours sincerely

 More Information:

 * -  Information written in Ana Britanica about Phoenix

The giant bird mentioned in the legends is known as ANKA, RUH, SİMURG, ZÜMRÜTÜANKA.  It is said that it can carry elephants and some other big animals to eat.  This is also mentioned in the famous Arabian fables.  Marco Polo who was the Venetian traveller also talked about this bird, while he was describing Madagaskar and the islands that are in the coast of East Africa.  According to Marco Polo, Kubilay Han commanded to find Phoenix and probably a leaf of Rafya palm tree was brought to him as a feather of  Phoenix.  The bird which was probably one of the heron species, was created by God as a perfect creature, but later it became a trouble for the world and it was killed.  The Middle Age Arabian and Persian science books also mention about Phoenix. 

In the West culture, Anka Bird is known as Phoenix.  In ancient Egypt and archaic era, it was a legendary bird about worshippng the Sun.  In Egyptian culture, Anka is as bis as an eagle. It has got red and golden feathers and a nice voice.  In each period of the world, there was only one Anka bird and this Anka lived for a long time.  All legends claim that Anka bird's life can never be less than 500 years.  When Anka bird feels that it is going to die after a short time, it makes a nest for itself with fragrant barks, leaves and spiced grasses.  It sets this nest on fire and it dies in this fragrant fire.  New Phoenix that comes into existence from the ashes shapes these ashes that are left behind by its ancestor like an egg and mummifies it.  Phoenix takes it to Heliopolis (The Sun City) in Egypt.  It leaves these ashes on the altar that is in the temple of  Ra (God of the Sun). For another story, Phoenix that is about to die flies to Heliopolis, it sacrifices itself and a ! young Phoenix is born from the fire of altar.

In ancient Egypt. Bennu that took part on a lot of monuments as the symbol of the sun and the life after death   was a heron about worshipping the sun.  But Phoenix explained in ancient works does not like a heron in spite of all similar religious meanings.  Its motherland was not Egypt, it was Arabia or İndia.  The legend of Phoenix probably came into being in the East, afterwards in Egypt it is adapted to their own environment by the priests of Heliopolis sun temple.  Adaptation of the legend to Egypt made the connection between Phoenix and the palm tree (in Greek:phoenix) that was about worshipping the sun in old days easier. 

Phoenix was the symbol of the immortality for Egyptians.  It was thought that there was a relation between Phoenix and the immortality.  Untill the end of the archaic era, Phoenix likened to the immortal Rome was depicted on the Roman coins as the symbol of the immortal Roman city.  This symbol was also used as the symbol of rebirthing in Christianity in some periods and works.

In Islam mythology; Phoenix is known as the prophet of the birds.  It was created in the time of the Prophet Moses, it went to Hejaz and it attended to the council of King Solomon.  It met with Zülkarneyn who is the father of Rüstem.  Before the Prophet Mohammed, it was killed by a prophet's curse.

The bird is called as Anka which means necklace in Arabic, because its neck is covered with white features like a necklace.  In Persian, it is called as sireng which means thirty coloured and it is also called as simurg, because it is as big as thirty birds.   Anka used in Arabic and Simurg used in Persian are used together in Turkish.  It is also called as "Zümrüdüanka" in the public language.  The ancient Turks usually called it as Togrol or Tuğrul, it was also called as "Devekuşu"  among the common people.

The place that keeps alive this symbol as the commonest nowadays is Phoenix which is the capital of Arizona province of America.  This city located on a desert becomes one of  the important metropolises of the world by getting out of the soil of the desert like the bird that gave the name to the city.

So we explained the event with all details by adding the encyclopedic information to the original birth legend of Phoenix.

The explanation taken from the encyclopedia was given to analyse all the details of the subject.  While we were making a statement about the soul of this business, we mentioned that the company was founded to keep this soul always alive.  To make the explanations perfect and to give give you the perfect service by starting from here, we gave place to the encyclopedic information here.  The basic thing for us is our first explanation. We want this explanation to abide by the original soul and our aim is to live in your hearts forever.  You can be sure that we are going to do our best to achieve this aim.

NOTE: Phoenix is not only a word that defines a kind of palm tree in ancient Greek but also a word that defines dark red and purple colours.


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