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         Bodrum is a charming and fascinating little port,270 km. south of Izmir, on the Aegean coast ofTurkey. The inhabitants of Bodrum are around 30.000 and earn their living by fishing, boat-building,agriculture, weaving (the village Mumcular is famous forits carpets, kilims and other weavings) and tourism, which has become the most important industry in the last few years.In recent times Bodrum has become not only a tourist center but also a visiting place for famous Turkish and foreign artists and also an art center, which is a source of inspiration. 
         The heart of the town is around the harbor, where shops, bars and restaurants jostle together in the narrow streets under the shadow of the St. Peter Castle . The main artery is Cumhurriyet Caddesi (Republic Street), much better known as bar street.This street is a pedestrianized showcase of what the town has to offer. Skilled artisans can make you a pair of snugly fitting leather sandals in the traditional Aegean style, while small boutiques offer stylish creations inspired by local designs and fabrics.Shopping tips: mainstream Turkish Fashions (Gallery Emelce) are well represented to, with clothes designed for hot summer living . The souvenir shops sell attractive onyx, copper and brass ware, along with toy camels, and Gold harem slippers. Cafes and restaurants offer a cosmopolitan choice.To accompany your meal, try the light aniseed flavored national drink Raki or locally produced wine. After sundown, Bodrum lights up with flashing neon and laser shows to pulsating throb of the latest dance music. It's party time all over the town.
         Just outside of Bodrum is Içmeler,here you find Europe's largest for wooden boat building yard. An 18 meter Gulet, that's the name for this kind of boats, can be built from scratch in 8 to 12 month.Since the time of King Mausolos Bodrum has been an important center for boat building. Ptolemäus from Egypt had his warships made here in 300 BC.

Bodrum in ancient times
     The history of Bodrum, known as Halicarnassus or Halicarnassos goes back to the 13th century BC. Excavaties reveal the 5000 year old history of this town. Many civilisations found their home here. Carians for excample, Homer tells in his Ilia, that the Carians helped to defend Troya.Heredotus, known as the father of history, was bornin Bodrum in 484 BC.- and he said that Bodrum hadbeen founded by the Dorians. The next settlers were Carians and Lelegians. In the 6'th. century BC., the region came under Persian rule. Its most brilliant period was around 353. BC. when it was the capital of the Satrap of Caria (In this century it was famous for its trade, sailing and boatbuilding.) Artemisia who was a warrior-woman played a significant role in the protection of the Asian Union and she achieved fame by adopting astance against Rhodes as the Admiral of the Carianfleet in 480 BC.
     The Mausoleum is Bodrums oldest antiquity and was built by Artemisia II in honour of her husband King Mausolos. It became one of the wonders of the ancient world, Mausoleum still is the general term for a large tomb. The entire structure stood at over 50 meters in height. The first reliefs from the Mausoleumreached the British Museum in London in 1846, these included frescos and other objects.
     Bodrums first remembered literary character was Cevat Sakir, known as the 'Halicarnassus Fisherman'asked for the return of the Mausoleum parts to Bodrum in a letter adressed to the Queen of England,saying that such exquisite works of art were not finding their true place under the foggy and grey sky of London.The letter he received in response stated as following:"Thank you for reminding us of the matter, We have painted the ceiling where the Mausoleum is located in blue."

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Map of Bodrum

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